HIGHMARK has done what no one in New York City and across the Northeast has achieved – go against the status quo and tirelessly work to increase building efficiency, thus curbing energy consumption, fostering sustainability, supporting renewables, cutting energy and operational costs, boosting ROI and enriching peoples’ lives. HIGHMARK is the only company bringing the world’s top efficiency-focused technologies to buildings in New York City and throughout the Northeast.

The company is motivated by these facts: 1) Buildings consume 40% of the U.S.’s energy, 2) Buildings use more energy than any country except China and the U.S. and 3) New York City’s buildings generate three-quarters of its emissions. This motivation drives HIGHMARK to search the world for the best, most innovative and most reliable building-efficiency technologies, which are then tailored to specific building needs in New York City and the Northeast.

HIGHMARK is unique in its unparalleled experience, knowledge, expertise and global reach. The company’s combined 25-plus years in HVAC engineering means they know which technologies make the most sense for each job, and they understand what works and what doesn’t, thus saving countless hours and expenses. In addition, the team consists of hundreds of skilled HVAC professionals from across the world that are brought in depending on their capabilities, thus maximizing effectiveness.