RAINwater HARVESTING systems

Safe water means a healthy society. That is why a solution that combines water conservation and stormwater control is so important. The Aquanomix system combines a customizable engineered system that includes all necessary mechanical equipment, sensors, water treatment and controls to not only make rain water harvesting possible, but to also intelligently control stormwater management. The control of a building’s non-potable water sources ensures that the earth’s most precious resource is consumed in the most environmentally conscience manner.

Download our Application Overview

Download our Application Overview

Pre-Engineered Treatment Skids 

Pre-engineered rainwater harvesting systems are designed to take the guess work out of rain and gray water reuse. Aquanomix provides an all-encompassing  system complete with the equipment and controls necessary to make rainwater harvesting a reality as well as gray water fit for reuse in a building. By offering a complete system, a single source of responsibility is placed on Aquanomix thus eliminating cross trade confusion and oversight. 


HIGHMARK’s modular steel or fiberglass water tanks are the perfect solution for NYC DEP stormwater detention requirements. In order to comply with the stringent code, custom concrete or steel tanks are typically required.  These tanks can be costly and difficult to fabricate. 

Modular tanks solve this problem by streamlining the production process, which creates a more cost effective solution that is flexible enough for any building. Our detention tanks are also pretreated with an antimicrobial agent that helps reduce bio-film growth inside the tanks.