HIGHMARK is proud to recognize our four core principles that serve as the basis of our culture since they define our character and values. These qualities are shared convictions that we expect to guide our associates both professionally and personally.

  • Organizational Strength: Strong leadership is the foundation of a strong organization. HIGHMARK’s leadership seeks to create trust, promote ingenuity, emphasize customer service and inspire a positive culture. HIGHMARK’s leadership will lead with integrity because leadership demands responsibility.
  • Accountability: Since our reputation is always on the line, HIGHMARK’s culture will be that of accountability. This will be demonstrated by: 1) adhering to the highest ethical business practices, 2) efficient operations, 3) transparency to our associates, 4) following our beliefs and founding principles and 5) achieving excellence in customer service.
  • Expertise: HIGHMARK seeks to become the industry authority in the systems we sell. Our highly trained sales engineers will focus on research and education in order to be the “go-to-guys” in each of our product categories. Our sales force will be the most adept in the industry at bringing about positive change to the marketplace.
  • Authenticity: Strong belief in our mission is at the core of the business, causing passion to exude from the team. Our core beliefs are what will continually guide and inspire HIGHMARK to grow and adapt. We believe that authenticity produces sincerity, upon which all the best sales organizations are based. Above all, HIGHMARK will remain committed to our core beliefs and true to our cause.