The PoolComPak™ series is designed for smaller indoor pool applications and manages the delicate balance of space temperature and humidity using the least amount of energy. The PoolComPak™ is a packaged system delivering dehumidification, pool water and air heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a single unit. The simplified and compact design makes them ideal for numerous natatorium applications in and around New York City.  Common applications are hotels, spas, gyms, high-rise residential and single family residential homes.  The ComPAK series is designed specifically to handle high dehumidification loads and corrosive environments that indoor pools present in a cost effective and compact package.  Available in vertical and horizontal orientations.

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The SWHP or S series units offer a more customizable and engineered solution for larger pools that are commonly found in educational facilities, sports complexes and large recreational facilities. 

The Model S is the PoolPak™ basic performer designed to provide accurate control of temperature and humidity in large indoor pool facilities. It includes all the special features and construction for which PoolPak™ is noted. 

The SE and SEP models expand the capabilities of the base S model by including pre-packaged exhaust fans and return air plenum system, in addition to the unit’s supply fan. The benefit is greater control of air flow because the unit can now exhaust a predetermined amount of air from the poolroom for code requirements and for proper poolroom pressurization. The SEP model utilizes two exhaust fans in order to offer a purge mode of operation.

The Model SR represents the most capable and flexible indoor pool environmental control system today. It utilizes both a supply and return fan along with full modulating dampers for precise air management. The modulating feature permits a greater use of economizer technology minimizing the need for running the refrigerant circuit. The Model SR delivers industry leading energy efficient operation.

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PoolPAK's new MPK series is the most state-of-the-art unit available on the market today. It offers foam injected double wall panels and direct drive plenum fans as standard.  

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The ClimatePak® dehumidification system uses naturally dry outside air for moisture removal. It relies on a sophisticated control system along with air measuring stations and air management systems to maintain setpoint conditions through dilution with outside air. ClimatePak® recovers approximately 50% of the available energy from the exhaust airstream. The ClimatePak® is designed for larger pool facilities that can tolerate swings in temperature and humidity during peak summer conditions while maintaining consistently comfortable conditions during the colder winter months.

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The PoolPak™ dehumidification systems effectively remove unwanted moisture within a pool facility using heat pump technology. It recycles the heat recovered during the dehumidification process using it to heat the enclosure space and pool water, resulting in dramatically lower energy costs. PoolPak™ units use solid state microprocessor controls and sensors to continually monitor water and air conditions. They deliver warm, dry air for total comfort and protection against the corrosive effects of the chlorine-laden moisture.

The PoolPak™ dehumidification system utilizes temperature and dewpoint humidity control in order to make intelligent decisions to maintain temperature and humidity setpoints in the most efficient manner possible. By referencing dewpoint in lieu of relative humidity, the PoolPak™ dehumidification system saves energy through it's smart economizer operation.


PoolPak developed a unique build on-site retrofit program that simplifies the process of installing replacement dehumidification units in locations that are inaccessible or where mounting space is limited.

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