AIC offers complete heat transfer solutions to the global market. Their expertise in this field stems from years of knowledge and working experience with diverse applications and industries around the world. AIC distinctive and versatile product designs, merged with advanced manufacturing technologies, have enabled them to continue their tradition of providing unique solutions that meet the most challenging needs.

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AIC offers an extensive range of traditional gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers. Varying plate thicknesses are available in SS304, SS316, Titanium and Hastelloy.  Glue-on or clip on gaskets are available in EPDM, NBR, and VITON. All AIC heat exchangers that fall within the operating limits of AHRI will carry AHRI certification.


AIC manufactures a traditional shell and tube heat exhanger in 2 or 4 pass configurations. Standard tube construction is stainless steel, but is also available in a variety of other materials.  Shell and tube heat exhangers are versatile for steam to liquid and liquid to liquid applications.

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AICs vertical shell and coil heat exchangers are ideal for hot water and steam applications.  Their helically corrugated tubes are closely packed together to maximize heat transfer area and thermal efficiency.  This results in a very compact, lightweight design that is easy to maintain.  Shell and coil heat exchangers are ideal replacements for traditional shell and tubes on steam to hot water applications.

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Brazed plate heat exchangers are offer compact design with high heat transfer capability.  Stainless steel plates with corrugated surfaces ensure turbulent flow and structural support.  Available as single wall or double wall with copper or nickel brazing material.  Titanium plates are also available as an option.  Ideal applications are refrigeration systems, oil coolers and close approach fluid to fluid systems.

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Designed to perform at high fluid velocities with low pressure drops, AICs B line heat exhangers are complete stainless steel 316L welded construction to ensure strength and durability.  Also available in titanium, these heat exchangers are ideal for pools, spas, hot tubs, mikvehs, and waste water heat recovery.

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AIC also manufactures numerous custom heat exhangers as well as creative, non-traditional solutions.  For applications with specific requirements that cannot be achieved with a standard product, please Contact HIGHMARK for More Information