Colmac WaterHeat, a division of Colmac Industries, is a world innovator in the production of heat pump water heaters. Utilizing the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the surrounding air or water, the Colmac WaterHeat heat pump water heater is an energy efficient means of heating water to temperatures as high as 160°F (71°C) in a single pass.


This principle of moving heat with a heat pump, rather than generating it by burning fossil fuels or electric resistance, gives water heating heat pumps a higher COP (Coefficient of Performance) than traditional methods of heating water such as boilers or electrical resistance. This phenomenon is compounded when the heat is recovered from a process in which heat is generated.  Colmac heat pumps offer a unique solution that is capable of capturing heat from either a water or an air source


Building exhaust systems carry a lot of heat out of buildings. Colmac heat pumps can capture this heat and use it to generate domestic hot water over 160 degrees with a COP between 6 and 8.  The air source heat pump's optional centrifugal fan allows the heat pump to double as the exhaust system, providing the owner with a complete packaged solution.



Any building with a condenser water or chilled water system offers an enormous opportunity to save energy by recovering heat with a Colmac domestic hot water heat pump. By placing the heat pump in series with a chiller or a cooling tower, we can pre-cool the chilled or condenser water and recover that heat to create domestic hot water.  


Section C403.4.6 of the 2014 NYC Energy Conservation Code indicates that condenser water heat recovery must be installed for heating service water if the total installed heat capacity of the water cooled system exceeds 6000 MBH of heat rejection. This equates to approximately 400 tons of installed cooling capacity.  Engineers find this portion of the code to be very difficult to comply with because it is contrary to the economizer code. The issue becomes: How do you preheat domestic water in the cooler months, when the condenser water is cold? Colmac solves this problem because, even with 45 degree water, the HPW can create 140+ degree domestic hot water. Not only does this comply with the code, but it exceeds it drastically.