As we seek to make buildings more efficient, we’re differentiated by the following key attributes:

  • Challenging the status quo: We’re working to change the commercial building industry, which is stagnant, lacks new technologies and is limited in terms of innovation, and therefore we’re constantly challenging the status quo.
  • Serious about efficiency: We’re serious about vetting and identifying the best products, technologies and innovations that not only perform better, but also maximize efficiency, reduce energy costs and further sustainability.
  • Hub for the world’s best products and technologies: We’ve searched the world for the best and most innovative HVAC products and technologies on the market today so that our clients can access them in one central location.
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise: We serve as an extension of our manufacturing partners through a keen understanding of the best products, technologies and processes for the job – we know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Robust global team: We lead a global team of hundreds the most qualified and innovative HVAC professionals in the industry, spanning multiple continents – from the Americas to Europe to Asia.
  • Professional organization: We’re committed to the utmost professionalism in our operations, ensuring an easy and streamlined customer experience from start to finish.
  • Embracing innovation: The building industry is ripe to embrace new innovations that will maximize efficiency, reduce costs and extend equipment life.
  • Robust industry experience: With decades of combined HVAC experience working on some of the largest commercial projects in the nation, our sales engineers offer unparallelled engineering expertise.
  • Committed to sustainability: We support green-building and sustainability initiatives through our innovative products and technologies.
  • Focused on the customer: We’re committed to meeting the customers’ needs first and foremost.
  • Personal driving professional: Our personal goals of environmental stewardship drive our professional goals of challenging the status quo in the building industry.