Factory production maximizes efficiency, quality and savings; brand-agnostic components ensure best technology is used for each job

Systecon’s factory production maximizes efficiency and ensures the best technology is used for each job.
Systecon’s factory production maximizes efficiency and ensures the best technology is used for each job.

NEW YORK – August 31, 2015HIGHMARK, a pioneer in efficiency for the built environment, has introduced factory-built Systecon modular HVAC systems to the New York City market. Systecon’s factory production maximizes efficiency in manufacturing operations, thus enhancing quality control and boosting time and cost savings for building owners, general contractors and engineers alike.  

“Systecon is at the forefront of a paradigm shift toward factory-built, modular systems due to the greater efficiencies achieved,” said Richard Gerbe, Co-Founder of HIGHMARK. “What’s more, because the components are brand-agnostic, we can apply the best chillers, the best boilers and the best technologies for each job. By far, this is the most efficient and effective way to build a chiller plant.”

“HIGHMARK is the ideal partner given our shared commitment to improving building efficiency,” said Chris Huston, National Sales Manager of Systecon, Inc. “We are moving the HVAC industry from an inefficient field-based project concept characterized by piecemeal implementation, delays, cost overruns and lack of control, to an efficient factory-built product model tailored to meet each unique need.” 

“Partnering with Systecon enables us to offer the best chiller-manufacturing products and technologies on the market today,” said Joseph Schmitz, Vice President of HIGHMARK IQ, a division focused on increasing building efficiency. “Systecon’s unrivaled expertise and decades-long industry experience will translate into significant reductions in both construction costs and project schedules for our customers.”

Key benefits of factory-built Systecon modular HVAC systems include:

  • Maximized efficiency: Factory production limits risk and streamlines overall operations, therefore maximizing efficiency in design, engineering, construction, testing, installation and commissioning, as well as in energy use and water consumption. 
  • Enhanced quality control: The factory environment allows for complete control over all elements in the system, ensuring strict fabrication guidelines and rigorous safeguards are met. Enhanced quality control guarantees all engineering specifications and efficiency guidelines are followed and realized. 
  • Reduced costs: Increased efficiency in the production process and system operations leads to significantly reduced costs. 
  • Best technology for each job: Systecon is compatible with all brands in the industry, which enables the best technology to be used for each job. 
  • Better testing: Performance testing is conducted for each component and under stringent parameters, and is much more efficient in the factory than in the field since all team members are together and can identify and resolve problems quickly. 
  • Decreased project schedules: Efficiency gained in factory production drastically minimizes delays and shortens project schedules typically from 18 months to just six months, with only one month onsite.
  • Customized to each customer: Due to the flexibility and fast reaction time of the factory-built process, every system can be customized on a case-by-case basis to meet each customer’s unique needs.
  • Strengthened sustainability: Increased efficiency across the board reduces energy and water use, as well as minimizes carbon emissions, thus strengthening sustainability efforts. 

Factory-built Systecon modular HVAC systems, including modular central plants, modular indirect evaporative cooling equipment and custom modular pumping systems, are available immediately throughout New York City and the metro area. For more information, contact HIGHMARK at 212.920.4878 or info@highmark-ny.com.


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