Built-on-site PoolPak™ dehumidifiers can reduce installation costs, increase energy efficiency and improve comfort

NEW YORK – AUGUST 6th, 2015 – HIGHMARK, a pioneer in efficiency for the built environment, has introduced PoolPak™ dehumidifiers for indoor pools to the New York City market. The dehumidifiers can reduce installation costs by being sized, built and tested on-site, and increase energy efficiency through heat recovery and economizers that use outside air to dehumidify, when possible. This generates energy savings of 40%-60% over conventional outside-air dilution systems, while improving comfort.

 “In New York City, replacing pool dehumidifiers is expensive, time-consuming and usually requires significant construction,” said Anthony Sannazzaro, Co-Founder of HIGHMARK. “We can avoid this costly scenario by building the units on-site using the PoolPak™ Site-Built Program, which offers an excellent, cost-effective way to replace and upgrade hard-to-access units. A retrofit of a poorly performing unit can drastically reduce energy consumption and expenses, while enhancing the indoor environment.”

PoolPak™ dehumidifiers benefit building owners, contractors and engineers alike due to the following key attributes:

  • Systems can be built on-site: Large, specialized HVAC equipment – like dehumidifiers – are often installed in tight, difficult-to-reach spaces. That’s why PoolPak™ developed the Site-Built Program to overcome this obstacle by sizing, building and testing systems on-site. Site-built units are fabricated in the space by PoolPak™ personnel and retain all factory warranties.
  • Heat-pump technology recycles energy: The heat recovered during the dehumidification process is recycled and used to warm the enclosed space and pool water, resulting in dramatically lower energy costs compared to traditional HVAC units.
  • Outside air is used for dehumidification: Under the appropriate conditions, dry outside air can be used to control humidity, as well as to ventilate the facility, thus reducing the cost of operation.
  • Save 40%-60% over conventional equipment: When you add it all up, a retrofit with a PoolPak™ system can result in 40%-60% energy savings over conventional outside-air dilution systems due to reduced installation costs and increased energy efficiency, with a payback period of only three to five years.
  • Dependable, low-cost operation:PoolPak™ systems can last over 20 years, and are designed specifically for the harsh environment of indoor pools, delivering consistent satisfaction and low maintenance costs on an ongoing basis.

Built-on-sitePoolPak™ dehumidifiers for indoor pools are available immediately throughout New York City and the metro area. For more information, contact HIGHMARK at 212.920.4878 or info@highmark-ny.com.


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