Joseph Schmitz Named Vice President of HIGHMARK IQ

Will lead efforts to maximize building energy efficiency, focusing on sales to engineers and owners

NEW YORK – June 8, 2015 – HIGHMARK, a pioneer in efficiency for the built environment, announced today that Joseph Schmitz was named Vice President of HIGHMARK IQ, a division focused on maximizing building energy efficiency. Schmitz will lead efforts to develop innovative energy solutions for engineers and owners that improve HVAC operations, minimize capital expenditures, drive ROI and boost customers’ bottom lines by up to 60%.

 “Joe is well positioned to head up and grow our IQ team due to his extensive technical background and expertise, especially in the areas of chilled-water systems and high-efficiency cooling equipment,” said Anthony Sannazzaro, Co-Founder of HIGHMARK. “He’ll be instrumental in enabling us to meet the unique needs of engineers and owners, and his addition will help us become the industry leader in building energy efficiency.”

 “Buildings are extremely inefficient, and HIGHMARK is the only company that’s taking on the status quo and meeting the efficiency challenges no one else is addressing,” said Schmitz, a former Trane sales engineer with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. “I’m looking forward to introducing to the marketplace the best technologies available today that will reduce energy use and generate significant savings.”

 Consisting of an array of services that increase building energy efficiency, HIGHMARK IQ encompasses:

 ·         Consulting services: Promotion of efficiency-focused products and systems to consulting engineers and owners

·         Project assessment and development: Efficiency-focused project evaluation, design analysis, engineering review/advisement and performance simulations for both new and existing buildings

·         Building load deferment: Innovative thermal-storage methodology that controls the way your building consumes energy

·         Demand response: By responding to Con Edison and NYISO load relief programs, you can turn your building into a virtual power plant

·         Chiller-plant analytics and optimization: Cloud-based technology that provides a comprehensive window into a central HVAC plant’s condition and performance

 HIGHMARK IQ services are available immediately throughout New York City and the metro area. For more information, contact HIGHMARK at 212.920.4878 or


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