HIGHMARK Introduces Aermec NYB Free-Cooling Chiller to New York City Market

Aermec NYB is the industry’s only modular air-cooled chiller featuring integrated free-cooling operation

 NEW YORK – February 9, 2015 – HIGHMARK, a pioneer in efficiency for the built environment, has introduced the Aermec NYB, the industry’s only modular air-cooled chiller featuring integrated free-cooling operation, to the New York City market. Inspired by HIGHMARK, the NYB is AHRI-certified and designed specifically to meet stringent energy codes by maximizing free-cooling potential.

 “We’re excited to have HIGHMARK introducing the NYB in New York City,” said Jim Chaters, National Sales Manager at Aermec. “They asked us for a custom-built chiller that would fit into small spaces, increase efficiency, remain cost-effective and not require extra modules for free cooling – and that’s how the NYB was born. With free-cooling coils incorporated directly into the footprint, there’s nothing else like it in the world.”

 “We’ve worked with Aermec since our founding, and their commitment to innovation and customer service is tremendous,” said Richard Gerbe, Co-Founder of HIGHMARK. “I’ve never come across a company like Aermec before – their advanced manufacturing processes, forward-thinking technologies and significant investment in research and development are unmatched. We gave Aermec a wish list of features for a design of a new air-cooled chiller specific to New York City, and what they came back with exceeded our expectations.”

 Key features of the NYB include:

 ·         Efficient and ecological: Only modular air-cooled chiller featuring integrated free-cooling operation to boost efficiency

·         Certified: UL-listed and AHRI-certified to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 minimum efficiency levels

·         Peace of mind: Functionality and performance tests are conducted on each module in a climatic test chamber

·         Easy to install and use: Fits easily through doors and into elevators, and Victaulic connections allow for fast installation

·         Quick servicing: Accessible from the ends of the unit, allowing for in-row servicing without interruption

·         Advanced user-friendly control: User-friendly microprocessor controller optimizes mechanical and free cooling

·         Lowest noise levels: Extremely quiet operation provides a solution to sound-sensitive applications 

·         Multiply your benefit: Multiple modules retain a 100% free-cooling capacity without additional dimensions needed

 The Aermec NYB free-cooling chiller is available immediately throughout New York City and the metro area. For more information, contact HIGHMARK at 212.920.4878 or info@highmark-ny.com.


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