HIGHMARK Names Joseph Evangelista to Lead Sales Efforts

Reflecting strong company success, Evangelista will serve as the cornerstone of a growing team

 NEW YORK – January 12, 2015 – HIGHMARK, a pioneer in efficiency for the built environment, announced today it hired Joseph Evangelista to lead all sales efforts going forward. A former Trane sales engineer and graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Evangelista will serve as the cornerstone of a growing team.

 “We’re excited about the addition of Joe to our staff,” said Anthony Sannazzaro, Co-Founder of HIGHMARK. “We expect his unique industry experience and knowledge to transition seamlessly into his role as a sales leader who will be instrumental in shaping the company down the road.” 

 “Being able to attract high quality talent validates the fact that our message is not only being accepted by customers, but is also resonating amongst the industry’s sales professionals,” stated Richard Gerbe, Co-Founder of HIGHMARK. “Joe shares our vision of HIGHMARK as a platform to advance building technology.”

 “I joined HIGHMARK because of its ability to merge current market trends with innovative thinking,” said Joseph Evangelista. “With a keen focus on efficiency in product, process and operation, HIGHMARK is challenging the status quo. I'm motivated to be a part of a company with such forward-thinking principles.”

 Commercial buildings are extremely inefficient, and according to the New York Times, nearly three quarters of New York City’s emissions are derived from powering, heating and cooling its one million buildings. HIGHMARK is working to fix this issue by driving building efficiency and boosting clients’ bottom lines by up to 60% in the process.


HIGHMARK helps companies that are serious about operating buildings as efficiently as possible by enabling them to put the best technologies and practices in place, focusing on HVAC, energy services and water management. Since 2013, HIGHMARK has partnered with companies worldwide that share its vision and are inspired to innovate. The company’s goal is to bring to market high quality, technologically advanced products and systems that will better the built environment for centuries to come. For more information, visit: www.highmark-ny.com.