Congrats to Aquanomix on their recognition by the Johnson Foundation

Congratulations to Aquanomix on their inclusion in a report issued by The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread on sustainable freshwater resources titled “Charting New Waters, Navigating to New Shores”. The report was a six year effort led by Lynn Broaddus, Director of Environment Programs at the Johnson Foundation to provide a non-biased resource on the diminishing freshwater supply with recommendations to catalyze change. 

Inclusion in the report speaks to Aquanomix’s commitment to the environment and preservation of fresh water sources. It is worth noting that Aquanomix was the only privately-held company referenced in the report.

HIGHMARK is proud of our association with Aquanomix and pursuing the common goals of water conservation locally in New York. The report can be found at Aquanomix is mentioned on page 37 of the report.