Entic’s proprietary, cloud-based technology integrates with all standard building management systems (BMS) and HVAC infrastructures to provide a common, comprehensive and unbiased window into a central HVAC plant’s condition and performance. Entic’s solutions are based on two distinct technologies that combine to produce significant results, HVAC Analytics (BITS™) and Optimization (BOTS™).

Director of engineering for the Hilton Diplomat Resort and Spa, David Twitchell talks about his experience with Entic.

BITS™ (building intelligence technology solution) reads data from a building’s management system and uses comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of data points and operational variables in real-time via a secure Internet connection. BITS uses predictive analytics at the chiller and airside level to detect issues, calculate associated annual energy savings, measure achievable peak performance, monitor a plant’s health and efficiency, and generate alerts. BITS is completely automated and does not rely on error-prone human diagnosis.

BOTS™ (building optimization technology solution) is a proprietary system designed exclusively for the purpose of achieving peak performance in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. BOTS mathematically calculates the optimal operating points at any given time and actively sends back instructions to the plant. This continuous feedback loop makes a building more energy aware, responsive and cost efficient.

Entic’s technology is able to predict, diagnose and proactively orchestrate appropriate corrections and responses around the clock while achieving unprecedented performance and economy; dramatically lowering a facility’s average kilowatt per ton (kW/ton) without compromising occupant comfort.